The TOWNS Search was conceived to provide a platform through which women’s outstanding achievement and exceptional talents that have contributed to national progress and development are recognized. A brainchild of the late Manny “Gabby” Alino, then Governor of District 301A of Lions International, the first Search was conducted in 1974. In 1984, the Association of TOWNS awardees took over the planning and execution of the TOWNS Search from Lions International, with the primary aim of identifying a remarkable community of high achieving women who can serve as role models for other women who want to dedicate themselves to nation building. In 1993, the Association of TOWNS Awardees became known as TOWNS Foundation Inc. Since its inception, TOWNS has awarded 166 women.



  • The TOWNS Search is the banner program of TOWNS Foundation Inc. The Search is a held every three years for the purpose of identifying outstanding Filipino women who, in their various capacities, have contributed to the improvement of society.
  • TOWNS Talk was initiated to allow for more active participation in public discussions and to serve as a medium for expressing different perspectives and views on themes and issues affecting social progress and national development.
  • TOWNS has adopted community engagement programs that delivered livelihood, health and wellness benefits for women and children as well as lectures and interventions on women’s rights and climate change, among others. These are performed jointly with like-minded non-profit institutions.
  • In triennium 2018-2020, the Board approved to expand its education and information program by adopting a trailblazer holistic program for women in their various roles as parents, providers, teachers, values-shapers, inspirers and nation builders. Called TOWNS Lifelong Empowerment Series, this program aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.