Dear Fellow Awardees:

The Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees are starting the second year of our triennium, aware of the responsibilities that we have assumed since we were elected at the TOWNS Christmas party in 2017. Perhaps it is the complexity of running an organization that is composed of high-achieving women from diverse fields, women who are characteristically busy but hyper efficient, that makes our work more challenging and therefore, more interesting.

We began the year with the election of officers of the Board in February 2018, developed our 8-point goals, objectives and performance indicators, and formed our committees at the Planning Session in March. We put ourselves to work with a serious agenda that included formalizing the organization by amending by laws, defining policies, establishing systems and procedures, adopting projects and developing strategies, which were ratified by our members at the August General Membership Meeting. Since then we operationalized our newest project TOWNS Talk which is a series of substantive discussions that serve as a medium for expressing perspectives and views on prescribed themes and issues of great importance for the improvement of society and national development. We launched the 16th triennial search for outstanding women who will join our ranks as TOWNS Awardees in October. We stepped beyond our comfort zones to conceptualize and adopt a TOWNS-led long-term education-based project that seeks to capacitate women in their various roles as parents, educators, providers, values shapers, inspirers and nation builders. We are organizing a major fundraiser with hopes of raising the financial resources necessary to implement this project, and seeking donations for our banner TOWNS Search program. And today, we are re-launching this new TOWNS website.

We have much work ahead of us. We call on our fellow awardees to leverage our talents and experiences in diverse fields to successfully implement our programs and to fulfill the following goals for this triennium:

  • Goal 1 - All advocacy actions and messages are aligned with our vision, mission and strategic plan and shall have measurable impact.
  • Goal 2 - TOWNS builds and maintains a vibrant membership whose members are engaged, participate in TOWNS activities and develop a sense of belonging.
  • Goal 3 - TOWNS has organizational visibility and strong brand recognition.
  • Goal 4 - TOWNS has sustainable financial resources and the sources of income are broadened.
  • Goal 5 - Exemplary women are identified and recognized through the TOWNS Search.
  • Goal 6 - Women leaders and entrepreneurs find knowledge and inspiration through training and development
  • Goal 7 - Organizational structure and operations are optimized for effective performance and achievement of goals and objective
  • Goal 8 - Legal standards and parliamentary requirements are met to guide and support the actions of the Board members, officers and leaders of the organization

These are aggressive goals but by working together, we can be stronger, more relevant, and more effective as we lay the foundation for sustainable activities and practices for years to come. I am honoured to serve as your President and look forward to leading this organization for the balance of this term as we carry out our mission of empowering women to serve as catalysts for social progress and national development.

January 2019