TOWNS Foundation Inc., incorporated in 1993, is a national organization of dynamic and effective women who by their common shared activities and interests help transform the lives of the Filipinos. All TOWNS awardees become members of TOWNS Foundation.


The mission and vision of TOWNS:

The vision of TOWNS is to have a nation of empowered women who serve as catalysts for national development towards improving quality of life.

Our mission is four-fold as follows:

  • to identify and recognize exemplary women
  • to harness talents of our members to influence national issues
  • to inspire women leaders and entrepreneurs
  • to provide a nurturing environment to TOWNS members

Our programs and goals each triennium are all linked to TOWNS’ mission and vision of women empowerment for nation building.


Officers of TOWNS Foundation Inc. 2018-2020

Olivia A. Ferry President | 1983 Business
June P. Lopez Vice President | 1989 Psychiatry
Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete Secretary | 2013 Arts & Culture
Lorna P. Kapunan Corporate Secretary | 1995 Law
Evelyn R. Singson Treasurer | 1981 Business
Corazon S. Dela Paz-Bernardo Auditor | 1983 Business
Yolanda V. Ong Marketing & Communications Officer |
1995 Communications